22e28-sueflaywhiskOver the years, I’ve set aside virtual space for different facets of my life: quilting and artistic endeavors, a quest to lose weight, an obsession with roller skating, the humorous ups and downs of married life. Dividing and distributing myself into these packets only served to diminish the whole. These interests defined me and they limited me. If something inspired me to write, it had to fit in one of these categories or I had no platform for sharing it. As my life evolved over time, less and less fit into these established categories.

The reality is, what I do is not who I am. I am all of these interests. I am none of them. I am a woman. A lover. A friend. Someone who exhibits passion and intelligence and creativity. The time has come to stop the compartmentalization—time for all the different parts of me to mingle. Now my goal is to find all the little spaces in between, to let the writing flow as it will, less defined by the space where it appears than the way it is born.

So, this space will host personal essays—some humorous, some not—on things like food, depression, art, writing, relationships with other humans. Occasionally, a short story or poem may appear. This may seem like an eclectic mix of topics, but they all fit into the same box—figuring out what it all means, to me and to the bigger picture.

Stay tuned…

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