It’s On the Corner

My niece, Jacquelyn, and I recently took a trip to Kirksville, MO, to tour my alma mater, Truman State University. I was excited to be back, already filling with nostalgia as we drove around the small town.

After dinner, my niece and I spent our evening in the pool of the hotel; we had it to ourselves. Once acclimated to the cold water, we floated aimlessly, musing and making plans. I realized we were about to spend the day walking around campus. Outside. In the sun.

With my skin.

ME: I need to stop in the morning to buy sunscreen.
NIECE: Okay.
ME: Did you see a Walgreens while we were driving around today?
NIECE: Yeah.
ME: Where?
NIECE: On the corner of Happy and Healthy.

Yep. She’s definitely related to me.


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